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"European Human Rights Protection – Twenty Years from Now"

On the 16th of September 2022, the Academy for European Human Rights Protection at the University of Cologne will be opened officially. This joyous occasion will be marked with a colloquy bringing together judges from the European Court of Human Rights, the European Court, the German Constitutional Court and the British Supreme Court as well as researchers from different countries. The colloquy will be preceded by a workshop for post-doctoral and doctoral researchers.

The focus of both events lies on the expected and unexpected turns that human rights protection in Europe might or should take in the next twenty years and what the role of judicial bodies will or ought to be in these expected evolutions. Although none of us claim to have a crystal ball, reflection on successes and setbacks from the past can inform us on how we should prepare ourselves for the challenges human rights will face in 2040s Europe. Which topics would make up the agenda for research into European human rights protection for the next decades?

Young Researchers’ Workshop (14-15 September 2022)

Call for Papers

During the workshop, participants will be able to benefit from discussions and reflections with other researchers as well as judges and practitioners. We welcome submissions on future-oriented research questions such as the impact of technological developments on human rights, the idea of developing “non-human” human rights in connection with harm to the environment and climate change, human rights as a remedy against populism, potential further human-rights problems in the area of communication, potential East-West or North-South cleavages as well as questions about the future of the protection mechanisms that are currently in place. Submissions will be grouped together by the organisation into coherent panels to make for an interesting discussion.  

Abstract submissions should be made by Thursday the 31st of March 2022 to and shall include:

  • Title of the submission
  • Abstract of up to 300 words
  • Contact details and brief biography (up to 50 words) for each author

We will respond to all submissions by the 30th of April 2022.

We intend to collect a curated selection of the submitted papers in an edited book on the future of European human rights protection. In case we receive more submissions than we can actually accept, we will consider grouping them in a special issue to be submitted to a leading human rights journal.

Opening Ceremony and Colloquy (16 September 2022)

The program will be published soon.