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Kristina Maiorova - Civil Society in Russia: Formation and Development Prospects

Among the main scientific problems that have not been fully resolved either in Russia or in any other country in the world is the problem of building a strong civil society in a state governed by the rule of law.

Civil society is generally seen as different from the "state", although the state constitutes people living in the corresponding territory and, therefore, civil society. Some experts believe that the "civil society" category does not have a specific reality, but its vital activity is evident.

Based on a study of the legal heritage and the existing model of relations between society and the state in Russia, the thesis examines the need for a complete understanding of the legal foundations of civil society, taking into account the fact that civil society can only develop if it is free and open, and not strangled by legal norms.

The project also develops proposals for solving the problem of legislation on civil society in general and legislative initiatives aimed at ensuring the effectiveness of the mechanisms of a social democratic state, which are the legal basis for the development of civil society and guarantee the security and freedom of citizens in all its aspects with a clear legal distinction, where rules are needed and when the oppression of civil society by the state begins.


Kristina Maiorova
PhD candidate