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Photo: Simon Mensing

Timo Laven

After graduating from high school in 2015, Timo Laven began studying law at the University of Cologne in 2015. He completed his major in criminology in February 2021, after passing the state exam in March 2020. During his studies, he grew interested in public law, especially constitutional law and the points of contact between law and politics.

Since January 2020, he worked as a student assistant for Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Haferkamp at the Institute for Modern History of Private Law, German and Rhenish Legal History. Confronted more intensively with research in legal history for the first time, the desire to conduct research on recent constitutional history in his own dissertation arose there. Since June 2021, he has been working as a research assistant at the Academy for European Human Rights Protection and is doing his doctorate on a constitutional law topic with legal historical and interdisciplinary connections.

Areas of research

  • Constitutional law

  • Legal History

  • Political Theory

  • Social Rights

Current research project

Currently, Timo is working on his dissertation on the topic "Between Socialism and Welfare State? Emergence and Reception of Article 15 of the Basic Law".


Journal articles

  • Vergesellschaftung als Selbstzweck? Die Anwendbarkeit des Verhältnismäßigkeitsgrundsatzes auf Art. 15 GG, in: Kritische Justiz 56 (2023), 313




Timo Laven
Research Assistant

Kerpener Str. 30
50937 Köln

Telephone +49 221 470-2131
E-mail t.laven(at)