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Julija Brsakoska - Political and Legal Aspects of the European Community’s/European Union’s Membership in International Organisations


The subject matter of the PhD thesis is the issue of membership of the European Community/ European Union in international organisations. The EC/EU membership in international organisations is an important issue because of the major role international organisations are playing in global and regional co-operation between states. Furthermore, global international organisations pose great challenges to the future of the European Community and European Union. The Community membership in those organisations is crucial in order to emphasize European influence in the world and to cope powerfully with global questions. 

The first part of the thesis will deal with the issue of the legal personality of the European Community versus the legal personality of the European Union as a whole. The second part will be focused on major political difficulties, both for the EC/EU and for the international organisations. Furthermore, the third part of the research analyses the readiness of the European Community/European Union to become a global player, since the increasing role of the international organisations in all political fields poses actual risks for the EC’s aquis. The research will focus on the main legal aspects of the EC/EU membership in international organisations. The fourth part of the research will give an outline to the present situation and the existing relations between the EC and FAO, ILO, WTO and with the regional fisheries organisations.